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Not Killing Me Softly: African American Women in Slave Revolts —

“African American women participated in and led slave revolts. They fought on slave ships during the Middle Passage. They took up weapons and fought in revolt after revolt after revolt in the United States. Mainstream history books want you to believe this did not happen.” Published in” Vol. 1, Issue 2 of The Freedom Center Journal, a […]

ClexaCon, Taking ALL the Space, Part 1: Feministing Hooters —

By Rebecca Hall & Lauren Wood A Black Lesbian and a White Non-binary Person Walk into a Bar. I can tell that Lauren is a little freaked. As I sit down at the Blackjack table with all white men, Lauren stands behind me like a sentinel. They had never been in a place like this […]

Self-Defense, Non-Violence and the Diversity of Tactics —

There is a lot of discussion about non-violence as a moral belief, as a strategy, and as a tactic. I often see the following claim: “Non-violence is the only valid approach. Anything else must be disavowed as destructive to the resistance. Why, look how successful Martin Luther King was, and how seeing all those Black […]