But Some of Us Are Brave

The Work of Rebecca Hall, JD, PhD

Know Your Rights!

I offer trainings in Know Your Rights: Interacting with the Police. I’m an African American attorney and PhD with experience in grassroots human rights, social justice, and climate justice. With many years of teaching and know your rights training experience, I have taught Constitutional Criminal Procedure as a visiting professor of law at S.J. Quinney College of Law, and have been a member of the National Lawyers Guild since I was a law student in 1988.

It is crucial in these times for all of us to know our rights. I know many in my communities don’t have much faith in the Constitution, and I understand that. Nonetheless, the U.S. Constitution can be a useful source to draw from as we the people fight for our rights. It is a shared point of reference across communities in our country. It is our “origin story” and template for what it means to be “American.” There is much history in the United States where basic rights have been taken away (e.g. Operation Wetback, free speech during war time, the Supreme Court validating Japanese Internment in   Korematsu v. U.S., to name a few). People have to fight for their rights to take them back and to maintain them, no matter how deficient these rights can be. A common discourse is useful.

If you would like a Know your Rights: Police Encounters training, contact me below. I offer the training on a sliding scale basis, 0-200$, based on your group’s resources.  I also accept tax-deductible donations so that I can offer free trainings to marginalized communities through Peaceful Uprising, a 501(c)(3) organization.

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