But Some of Us Are Brave

The Work of Rebecca Hall, JD, PhD

But Some of Us Are Brave

All the Women are White, All the Blacks are men, BUT SOME OF US ARE BRAVE.

This is for You: Resources for Activists

Knowledge is a weapon. Our history has been hidden from us. We need it to make sense of the present. We need it to stay grounded in our strength. I want you to use this site as a resource. For knowledge. For connection. For inspiration.


I am a scholar-activist. I have been in the struggle since I could remember. Find my story here. I am also a published author.As a J.D. PhD I specialize in legal history, Critical Race Feminisms, slavery and the slave trade, gender and slavery, and social movement history. I have also been training activists and community organizers for decades.

I have written and published original research on:

  • African American women leading slave revolts during the Middle Passage and in Colonial New York. Link.
  •  Intersectionality theory, developing and elaborating on the concept of Racialized Gender.http://rebhallphd.org/racialized-gender/
  • Slavery and the Slave Trade
  • Climate Justice

How To Use This Website

Here you can find my analysis of urgent things we are facing, frameworks for contextualizing our current struggles, and information you need as activists.  This is the basic layout of the site: