All the Women are White….

Way back in 1982, when I was a young Black Feminist Lesbian, all of 19 years old, a book came out that saved my life.

It was called All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men, But Some of Us Are Brave: Black Women’s Studies, edited by Gloria T. Hull, Patricia Bell Scott, and Barbara Smith.

 I have named my blog in honor of this book, and because Intersectionality is what will save our asses. We are at the precipice of something massive, and we have never been better equipped to fight in the framework of Intersectionality. All The Brave Ones are leading this fight.

“We Will Not Give Up Our Freedom Dream.”

Angela and Me, SLCC, February 8, 2017

“We will not give up our Freedom Dream.”

Our community had a wondrous experience last week when four powerful African American women presented at the Women in Freedom Movement panel at the Salt Lake Community College on February 8th and 9th: Michele Bratcher Goodwin, Margaret Burnham, Angela Davis, and Kathleen Neal Cleaver. A couple of thoughts as I continue to digest this powerful event:

  • Resistance is a daily, spiritual practice.It is daily as we seek to stander firmer in our integrity, with or without fear, every day. It is spiritual because it is transcendent. We move in something greater than ourselves. We transcend as we connect with each other and with the struggle with integrity and open hearts.
  • We have lived for centuries in the world of “alternative facts.” White supremacy and Hetero-patriarchy are already tyranny.
  • They can kill me, but they cannot take my heart.



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