These lesson plans were created over six months by the Ida B. Wells Education Project and myself. It is created for high school students, but anyone teaching Wake should find them helpful. They are divided into the following sections: 1. How to read Wake, 2. a discussion guide, 3. primary sources, and 4. a final student project. Feel free to use what is helpful for you. It is free for anyone to use, just remember to cite us.

Discussion Guide
Hexagonal Thinking Chapter Discussion Activity (ppt)
Wake Hexagonal Thinking Guide

How To Read Wake
How to Read Wake Teacher’s Guide
How to Read Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts (ppt)
HTR Wake Guided Notes
HTR Wake Panels for Notes
Reading Wake Panel Analysis

Primary Sources
1712 NYC Slave Revolt
Trial Transcript: Sarah has Nothing to Say
Trial Transcript: Abigail and Tom Verdict
Trial Transcript: Amba and Lily Acquitted
Trial Transcript:1712 Court Records re: SarahTranscription
COMPLETE_Chapter 2 DOCUMENT B_ Colonial New York’s Governor Letter to Lords of Trade re: the 1712 Slave Revolt
Archival Research Photos NYC Municipal Archives
COMPLETE_Chapter 4 DOCUMENT A_ Letter of Robert Hunter
Letter of Robert Hunter 1713 re pregnant slave
Robert Hunter Report on 1712 Revolt

1754 Maerschalck Map of the City of New York showing location of “Negro Burying Ground.”
The New York African Burial Ground Skeletal Biology Report
New York-Historical Society_Lessons from The African Burial Ground…

The Oathing Ceremony

Wake Final Project
Wake Final Project Teacher’s Guide: Steps 1 & 2
Wake Final Project: Teacher’s Guide Steps 3 & 4
Wake Project Outline: Analyzing Documents and Research (ppt)
Tavern Charges Police Brutality
Wake Final Project Lesson (ppt)